I own a small vineyard and winery in the Napa Valley in California at the top of Diamond Mountain, elevation 2200 feet.  I am the winery cook.  I pair wine with food for lunches and dinners and wine tastings.   Traveling to present wine comes with the territory, so Freddy, my husband, and I spend time in about 15 other states.  Our mantra is that we only sell wine in places that we like to visit.  We usually plan a little vacation around each of our trips.  I love to sleuth the local produce and recipes of our host locations and usually bring home lots of scribblings about my ideas and recipes from our travels.  When guests visit us on our mountain top, they almost always proclaim “Why would you ever want to leave this place!”  We are lucky that we are living the dream in the Napa Valley.  I hope that this blog gives you a window into our lifestyle and you enjoy my stories and recipes of living the good life in wine country.

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  1. Mary, I think you need to spend time in Indiana so you can start selling wine here. LOL. Beautiful picture and I think you will have lots of people following along to vicariously enjoy the Napa life. Can’t wait to see more.

  2. Michel says:

    Hi! I couldn’t find your emailadress so thats why i post my question here. I encountered your question about the little reset button on the electric oven on your la cornue chateau.
    Do you know by now what the answer is to that question, because I am the proud owner of the same stove and would like to know what the purpose is of that button.

    thanks, michel

    • Michael, The reset button is for the electric oven (my stove has one gas and one electric oven) If the temp is turned up too high, sometimes the breaker trips and the oven turns off. To reset the oven, you must remove the plate in front of the oven’s controls and reach way back until you feel a little button. That will reset the oven. However, since each La Cornue stove is hand made completely by one person, the reset button may be in a different location on your stove.

  3. Kathy Mo says:

    Hi Mary
    I made this with a store bought graham crust pie shell, as we made 6 of them to serve at a senior community. I thought it was just as good this way and easier for us. Just an FYI if you aren’t wanting to make a tart shell.

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